4 Key Reasons To Work With SEO Pros

Most businesses in today’s world have some basic understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and it’s fundamental principles. After all, climbing up the Google rankings is one of the best methods to achieve more sales and help companies thrive.

However, with that said as SEO is now such a popular and standardised practice, it is becoming more and more difficult to compete with other companies that are just as determined on conquering the digital world as you are. Undeniably, effective SEO takes much more than simply placing a few choice keywords into your web content and adding a few backlinks.

So the question to ask really is how does one devise an effective SEO strategy?

Successful search engine marketing takes months and years of practice to perfect, which requires keeping up to date with an ever-changing digital landscape. Unsurprisingly, most businesses and marketing teams who are not employed solely for the purpose of SEO will find this landscape problematic to navigate. If this sounds family for your business, it might be time to enlist the services of an SEO professional to offer help. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Professional SEOs can help prevent major blunders

Certain SEO approaches, known as black hat tactics, are regarded by search engines as ‘cheating’ – as ways to make a website appear more popular or relevant than it actually is. These can include methods like stuffing a page to the brim with keywords. SEO professionals will be well versed in black hat tactics and can help steer you away from falling victim to them.

2. Google algorithms are hard to pin down

Google actually updates and changes its search algorithms a quite often, so it is worth having someone around to stay on top of recent updates and alter the SEO strategy accordingly to these updates.

3. Measure and track your marketing successes

SEO professionals will have strong instincts when it comes to analysing your marketing statistics. Web analytics are much more complicated than most people actually realise, and SEO professionals will help pinpoint precise ways in which your business is both excelling and falling behind slightly.

4. It saves time and money

Now this may seem obvious, but saving time on SEO services is very cost effective. Conducting work on SEO can be far more time consuming than many marketing professionals imagine, so it may be a good idea to cut to the chase right now.

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About the author

Jamie FitzHenry is the founder of Grizzly, an SEO agency based in Bristol, UK.

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